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The Group's first two institutional initiatives indicate a clear sense of social responsibility and a commitment to the Dominican people. Both of them operate in the framework of non-profit organizations.


The first initiative is the Instituto Nacional de Diabetes, Endocrinologia y Nutricion (INDEN, the National Institute for Diabetes, Endocrinology and Nutrition), which, over the last three decades has served as refuge for tens of thousands of Dominicans with diabetes, who are underserved and/or in need of medical assistance.


The second one is the Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE), which has made its contributions to the Dominican society through the training of men and women with high professional profiles.


The Universidad lberoamericana (UNIBE), is a higher education institution founded in 1982 as the result of an initiative created by the Instituto de Cooperacion lberoamericana (Institute of Iberian-American Cooperation) and a Managing Committee in the Dominican Republic. Since its foundation, UNIBE has trained over 17,000 professionals and has excelled at preparing them in different areas. Young professionals have been educated within a framework of leadership, to further promote the country's social, economic, and moral growth, as well as fostering national values within the realms of justice and freedom. The University places special emphasis in the development of high quality social programs with social relevance, working together with a faculty body with outstanding academic preparation and professional experience. 

1982 – Present
Sponsored Educational Institution

On November 30, 1972 the National Institute for Diabetes, Endocrinology and Nutrition (INDEN) was founded to provide services for the country's diabetics in greatest need. This hospital center, subsidized and supported by the Foundation "Patronato de Lucha Contra la Diabetes" (Foundation in the Battle Against Diabetes) and The Abrisa Group, is dedicated to providing healthcare services for diabetic and endocrinology patients who are underserved or poor.

1972 – Present
Sponsored Healthcare Institution

The Abrisa Group began participating in the construction industry in 1987, with the establishment of a hydraulic concrete plant, HORMIGONES DEL CARIBE, which would later become, along with PRETINSA, CIVILCAD and CIVILTRAN, the most prestigious company in the industry for the construction of hotels, airports, water supply systems, manufacturing of structural and concrete elements, and supply and maintenance of heavy construction equipment.


In October 2002, SINERCON is born as the result of a merger between the manufacturing and construction companies of The Abrisa Group in the Dominican Republic, efficiently leveraging the synergies among these firms.

1987 – Present

Cap Cana is the most important tourism and real estate project in the Caribbean. It has an estimated long-term investment of US$1,500 million. Located along the Eastern tip of the Dominican Republic, Cap Cana boasts impressive natural beauty and exceptional climate.


Cap Cana was conceived with the vision of setting a new world standard in quality. It is a destination that exceeds what the Caribbean or the rest of the world have ever seen. Its offerings honor its majestic natural surroundings, a mixture of exclusivity, quality, and distinction, that make Cap Cana a place without precedent.


The mission of this exceptional tourism and real estate complex is based on providing a wide range of the highest quality options for seasonal stays, permanent residences and/or recreational activities.

2001 – Present

Rincón Bay is located in Las Galeras, in the province of Samaná. Its natural beauty, convenient air and highway access and attractive location provide this unique property with the attributes required for long-term success in developing its master plan. Its landscape provides a unique environment to enjoy one of the most beautiful wonders in the Dominican Republic.


The main objective of the Rincón Bay development is to offer a prime tourist destination alternative that will contribute to the sustainable growth of the area, while living in harmony with the natural environment.

2010 – Present

Los Establos, Equestrian City, is the first project of its kind in the Dominican Republic, which brings together the most varied equestrian disciplines, such as Jumping, Polo, Paso Fino, Racing, Dressage, Reining, Enduro, Cross Country, together with their areas of training, recreation, health and animal care. It is profiled as the largest and most complete Equestrian Center in the Caribbean and Latin America.


It is considered as a unique project worldwide and an icon in the equestrian industry, hosting in one place eight disciplines dedicated exclusively to horses, with the international standards and protocols required for it.

2015 – Present

Founded by the Abrisa Group in 2002 and sold in 2008 to Advent International.


AERODOM operates under a 30-year concession granted by the Dominican Government, to oversee six airports in the Dominican Republic. The company is responsible for the construction, operation, management, and modernization of the following airports: Las Americas International Airport, in Santo Domingo; La Isabela International Airport, in Santo Domingo Norte; Gregorio Luperon International Airport, in Puerto Plata; Maria Montez International Airport, in Barahona; Arroyo Barril International Airport, in Samaria., and Samaria international Airport, in Catey. 

2000 - 2008
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