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The Abrisa Group originated from the clear sense of social responsibility that our family exemplified in the creation of institutions dedicated to two vulnerable sectors in the Dominican Republic, healthcare and education. For more than two decades, these institutions have been a living example of our strong commitment to the well-being of our people.


Through the years, the group's initiatives in the business arena have diversified, each resulting in companies that envision and demonstrate development, service and trust in the Dominicans' capacity to foster prosperity and social well-being.


Currently, The Abrisa Group participates in various economic sectors in the Dominican Republic, and has branched out into diverse large industries, such as education, healthcare, construction, tourism, hospitality and real state.


At this point in time, the group has reached a pivotal moment, in which it opens its doors to the global market, and by attracting foreign investment not only do we expand our businesses coverage, but we also create more jobs, widen our education and boost the general wealth, all of which are aspirations of every growing modern society.


We are honored to have the opportunity to invite you to learn more about the companies that comprise The Abrisa Group, one of the leading business groups in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Ing. Abraham Hazoury



  • Create maximum benefits for our customers and stakeholders, by investing in strategic economic sectors contributing to the growth and development of the Dominican Republic and its people.


  • Develop short and long-term strategic planning, which enables us to react effectively to the challenges and changes in the global market.


  • Reach our goals, based on current and future needs, furthermore encouraging teamwork to achieve innovative results and fostering dynamic progress in the Dominican Republic.


  • Meet our social and cultural commitment to develop the communities and natural environment in the Dominican Republic, while continually demonstrating respect and ethics.


Our Strategic Pillars:


Diversification, Added Value, and Profitability


The Abrisa Group has excelled in its strategic vision and great financial stability, attributes that increase value for our stakeholders and provides them with new business opportunities by creating synergies with existing companies. 



Our commitment with society goes beyond our business relationships. We adapt our operations to promote cultural development and meet the needs of today's world.


The Abrisa Group firmly believes in promoting the well-being and safety of Dominicans, and actively participates with solidarity measures in situations afflicting our society.


All of the Group's companies are characterized by its respect and protection of the environment and natural resources.


Each staff member at The Abrisa Group is a loyal collaborator that, day after day, makes each company in the holding an example to uphold.

Dominican Republic

T H E   D O M I N I C A N   R E P U B L I C

The Dominican Republic is considered the top tourist destination in the Caribbean. During the last years, it has experienced rapid growth in tourism from European, Latin American, Canadian and US visitors.


With more than 10 million inhabitants, the country extends over a 48,380 km2 territory, of which 1,288 km shape its coasts and beaches. With a hotel capacity that exceeds 65,000 rooms, the Dominican Republic has 40% more rooms than any other destination in the Caribbean.


Punta Cana, on the east cost of the island, is the fastest growing and most stable touristic destination in the Caribbean and listed among the most important in all of Latin America.

Santo Domingo, the first city in the Americas, combines modern lifestyle with old-world charm and Latin charisma. This colonial city, declared as a patrimony of humanity by the UNESCO, regales visitors with extraordinary sights of its colonial architecture, museums and galleries. 

Primada de America
Cap Cana
Duarte Corridor


Initiative, Trust, and Commitment. These are the core values that we perpetrate in our relationships with customers, employees, stockholders and the general public.


The Abrisa Group is one of the leaders in the country and the general public in real estate development and pioneers in hotel construction, having a vast number of clients and operations throughout the Dominican territory.


Because of the years of excellence in the Dominican Republic, we now offer our experience and service to the international community, knowing that we are willing and capable of providing high quality results.


Diversification at The Abrisa Group:


The Abrisa Group is a consortium nurtured and complemented by each one of its companies, which are focused on the country's primary sectors.



Pre-school Elementary School

High School


Industry and Construction:

Design and construction of buildings and civil works


System design and installation


Machinery and equipment


Pre-manufactured Goods


Concrete  /  Asphalt

Operations and Businesses:





Real Estate Development:







International Market
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